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How Extra Toughs Works

The Extra Toughs program includes 12-week wellness cohorts. Cohorts provide exercise, nutrition, and counseling to participants. Although we encourage enrolling at the beginning of a cohort, women are able to join at any time during the year. Extra Toughs members pay a monthly fee to participate.

2024 Cohort Start Dates

* March 20, 2024

* June 17, 2024

* September 9, 2024

Services Include

In addition to weekly programming, participants will have access to social opportunities like nature walks, picnics, and educational outings. Extra Toughs also fosters a supportive community for women to connect, share stories, and keep in touch throughout each cohort and beyond.

"I am a stage 4 breast cancer survivor on active treatment for 6 years. This group has helped me by educating me on the ways I can help my body fight back and recover using nutrition."  

“I just love all the ladies and being involved with all the progress and love with each one. I really appreciate that I can still have the benefits of nutrition and exercise on days that I can’t be there live. It’s wonderful.”
"My main focus is on my health, reducing stress and inflammation, increasing fat loss and gaining strength."

Program Fees

Participants pay monthly fees for participating in the Extra Toughs program.

At this time grants cover a significant portion of program funding and women are able to participate for $100 per month.

We offer scholarships for those where cost may be a barrier to enroll.


Can I select what services I'd like to participate in?

Participants are free to choose what they would like to participate in, but monthly fees are the same regardless of services utilized.

What happens if I miss a class or session?

Exercise courses and nutrition courses have recordings that are provided to participants after each course. If you miss the live class you can watch the video at your leisure. Counseling sessions are not recorded for patient privacy.

Do I need to live in Anchorage to participate?

No! Women around the state of Alaska able to participate in the program.

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